Safe Travels Over Water Sea Spell

A simple sea spell for protection when traveling over a body of water.

Aquamarine is believed to be a treasure from mermaids, a birthstone for the Astrological water sign Pisces, and was also worn by sailors who believed that possessing it while sailing would help protect them from harm during their voyage.


  • One tumbled Aquamarine [or a pendant, ring, bracelet, etc – anything you have that’s aquamarine will do].
  • Two offerings to the Merfolk, a sea deity, or the Sea itself. A simple offering should be left both before and after you travel. Both of the offerings can be the same thing.


  • Firstly, leave an offering to the Ocean when you can before doing this spell. The offering can be given either at the beach or at home.
  • After you’ve left an offering, hold your piece of Aquamarine in your hands before traveling and focus on the intent that you have for it.
  • While focusing on the intent of this spell, say to yourself (optional):

While I travel through the winds and above the waves,

Keep everyone safe during this upcoming journey.

  • Once done with this spell, carry the aquamarine with you or wear it during your travel.
  • Leave your second offering to the Ocean once you’ve reached your destination. Give thanks towards the Sea and Winds for bringing you to your destination safely. Also be sure to always take proper safety precautions when traveling.

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