“To Strengthen a Bond,” Candle & Cockle Clam Sea Spell

A simple sea spell to help strengthen an existing bond between you and another. Be that of a friend, family member, or a significant other.

Please do not do this with a person in mind whom you don’t share a bond with. Nor should this be done for someone you do or have had a bond with but doesn’t want the bond between you two anymore.

If you feel that this spell led to an unhealthy relationship between you and another person, break ties with you and that person, take the shells apart and get rid of the wax. It’s important to focus on good, positive vibes between you and the other person(s) involved while doing this.

Please also always be careful when working with candles! Never leave a lit candle unattended, and don’t do this spell near any flammable objects.


  • Two cockle shells that are roughly around the same size.
  • Three different color candles that are of your own choosing, depending on what kind of bond it is that you want to strengthen. [One of each candle represents you, the other person, and the kind of bond you’re focusing on. For instance, if you want to strengthen a bond between you and a friend, then choosing the color yellow – since yellow is sometimes symbolic to friendship – to represent the bond itself would suffice]. Taper candles, or just using melted wax in general, would probably be best for this.


  1. After choosing the colors of all three candles that you want to be used as representations, set aside each half of the cockle shell apart.
  2. Light the two candles that represent both you and the other person with your intentions in mind.
  3. Take one of the candles and tilt it over one half of the seashell long enough to get a few drops of wax in the shell.
  4. Then take the other lit candle that represents the other person and do the same as the previous step, melting the wax on top of the first and combining the colors together.
  5. Once you’re done with the previous step, put the other half of the seashell on top of the one with the wax in it, then take the third candle that represents the bond and use that wax to seal the seashell together.

Note: Although this spell can be used to help strengthen relationships, it can really be used for all purposes. Say you’re in a rut and could use some extra money. Choose a candle that represents yourself and a green candle to represent wealth. Melt the two candles together in the seashell and then seal it with the green candle wax again.

This spell can also be used as an offering to a sea deity, which is something that I’ve done. When I did this for Amphitrite and myself, I used a dark shade of blue to represent her and a lighter shade of blue to represent myself. I then sealed the shells together with the dark shade of blue candle wax, which represented our bond, the Ocean and my practice overall.


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